Virtual reality headsets have been around for decades, but it was the 2012 success of the Oculus Rift on Kickstarter that re-awoke interest in the promise of virtual reality.  

People love virtual reality headsets because they have the power to immerse you deeply in a new world – and it can be done from the comfort of your home.  Your journey may take you inside a new virtual reality video game, through the rooms of a museum hundreds of miles away or you may skip the airport and use your virtual reality headset to travel to a virtual tropical beach.

Nevertheless, selecting the best virtual reality headset can be difficult because there are so many from which to chose.  In order to make your decision a bit easier, we’ve taken time to research and create our Compare VR Headsets review guide. 

We’ve evaluated some of the best and most immersive virtual reality headsets on the market and found many that you will be stoked to snap on for a vivid and unforgettable journey. We tested different types of virtual reality headsets, from those with their own dedicated display to virtual reality headsets that use smartphones as a display. Not sure what is the difference?  Keep reading or check out our virtual reality headset comparison guide to discover the advantages and disadvantages of each types of virtual reality headset.

We hope that, as a result of our research, you have an easier time picking the best virtual reality headset for you.  Once you get it, send us a video of you enjoying it!! 

What Does a Good Virtual Reality Headset Have to Offer?

A great virtual reality headset will provide you a surpising number number of applications.  A virtual reality headset for the following:

  • VR games (yes!! love this)
  • VR movies
  • VR museum
  • VR travel
  • VR therapy
  • VR training
  • VR exercise
  • VR porn (yup – it exists!)

How we tested the Virtual Reality Headsets

We wore a selection of the best virtual reality headsets ever made in live tests of performance. Most of these virtual reality headsets are fairly new to the market and are developer’s kits, so we know they will receive major updates before they become widely available commercially. We’ve also outfitted partners in the market in order to get feedback from as many people as possible. We took into account opinions from gamers and techies with knowledge about next-gen technology as well as from newbies that had never heard of these virtual reality headsets before.  

We’d also love to hear from you!  Check out our Review pages where you can submit a review.  You can also give us (and the wide world) your two cents on the product pages for Oculus Rift, Sony Project Morpheus and I Am Cardboard.

Criteria for our Virtual Reality Headset Review

We use a defined set of criteria when selecting virtual reality headsets and partner products for review. We rate each each headset on some key criteria, and explored additional points of interest in our review. Here is a list of what we look for:

  • Motion tracking: The quality and range of internal tracking systems was a key consideration point. We asked, did the virtual reality headset include a gyroscope and / or an accelerometer? Was there body tracking in addition to head tracking? And, also, how responsive was were the virtual reality tracking devices?
  • Display: We considered the display technology, the field of view, color and brightness.
  • Audio quality: we paid attention to sound quality and the type of sound provided, such as 3D or binaural beats. We also monitored how easy it was to slip on the earbuds or headphones if they were provided.
  • Design and comfort: virtual reality headsets are designed to completely immerse you in an experience. For that reason, we consider how much of the outside world leaks through and how easy it is to forget you’re wearing a virtual reality headset.  Comfort is of course also very important.  And, while you may not care what your helmet looks like while wearing it, it’s nice to have a sleek, beautifully-designed product to look at and share with friends.
  • Weight: Let’s face it, all virtual reality headsets weigh something. We found that weight impacts the overall comfort of a helmet. How it’s distributed is also important – is all the weight in the front or nicely spread out around the unit?

Where can I get my virtual reality headset?

VR Headset Reviews stocks a wide variety of virtual reality headsets for developer and commercial use. Visit our virtual reality headset store today for more information or to get a for yourself or as a gift!


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