I Am Cardboard VR


I Am Cardboard

- lightweight
- cheap and accessible
- no cords
- great conversation piece
- you can use it anywhere; not tethered to a PC

- available for sale
- occasional latency issue

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I Am Cardboard design   

I Am Cardboard design

We really like this virtual reality headset, which was inspired by Google Cardboard and is similarly designed with sturdy cardboard. When you buy it, it comes flat but, don’t worry, it’s super easy to assemble. The cardboard kit is pre-cut and already comes with the 40mm lenses in place. The assembly instructions are printed on the cardboard in involve a few quick steps that take roughly a minute to execute.

The I Am Cardboard virtual reality headset uses a smartphone as the display. Yup, that’s right, the real tech behind this is your smartphone!  What you do is to place your phone in the device and secure it in place with the velcro flaps and rubber band that come with the kit. It sounds flimsy, but it’s actually not.

So, since  your smartphone powers this virtual reality headset, you will want to load up your phone with some virtual reality apps before diving into the headset.

The cardboard also comes with a flat magnet on the side that you will use as a switch. This allows you to make selections during your virtual reality experience.

Unlike some of the other virtual reality headsets in the market, I Am Cardboard is completely free of cables, which is a big plus.  There is no cord connecting the I Am Cardboard VR device to a computer, which means you don’t have to worry about having your movement limited due to the reach and tug of a cord.  You can stand and move around while using it; you can also sit in your swivel chair, spinning to catch a full 360 of the scene.  

As with most virtual reality headsets, wearing regular glasses while using the headset can be a problem.  But with this device, you can easily cut out enough space on the cardboard side to accommodate your glasses.

I Am Cardboard Tracking

The I Am Cardboard headset uses your smartphone’s gyroscopes and other sensors in order to track your head movements and update the view. Tracking was good and no lag was detected.

I Am Cardboard  Audio

I Am Cardboard does not come with a set of headphones or earbuds.  It’s therefore essential for you to use your own in order to fully enjoy and immerse yourself in the experience.


The display provides you with a 100-degree field of view, which is good.  The quality of the visuals is really dependant on your phone, since that is what’s serving as the display.  And many phones, like the Nexus 5, may have LCD screens with 1080 pixels, but the refresh rate may not be high enough. This can possibly lead to nausea in some people.

Also, you may have double-vision at first.  But this is easy to fix by adjusting either your phone or the divider between the two screens.  It’s an easy fix that should only take seconds.

In the end, although the screen of the phone is only a few inches from your eyes, you feel immersed in the experience.  The visuals may not be perfect, but you’re still surprised by the panoramic view and its depth.

I Am Cardboard Weight

Although the smartphone is loaded at the front of the VR headset, the device doesn’t feel heavy – that is unless you have a phone the size of a brick! The lightweight cardboard with which the device is made also help make the I Am Cardboard VR headset one of the lightest devices on the market.

I Am Cardboard Price

It’s virtual reality on the cheap!  It typically sells for about $25.  A great VR headset that can be used to introduce people to the potential of VR, even if they’re not interested in gaming.  

This VR headset still generates smiles, surprise and excitement among users. It there makes a great and inexpensive gift for friends and family.