Project Morpheus

Project Morpheus virtual reality headset


Project Morpheus

- Very immersive
- HD display is nice and crisp
- Compliments existing PlayStation hardware

- Some rough visuals
- Motion tracking occasionally disconnects


Sony Project Morpheus virtual reality headset review (prototype)

The highly anticipated virtual reality headset, Project Morpheus, is in prototype stage right now. But it’s expected to be available for purchase in 2015!

One of the things that is unique about Project Morpheus is that it’s been developed for use with PlayStation 4 — nice!!!  Can you imagine being immersed into your favorite PS4 games like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto?

Project Morpheus: Design

Project Morpheus has a pretty slick and futuristic headset.  As this is a prototype, the final product that hits stores may end up looking and running a little different, but certainly for the better.  Regardless, the current headset is pretty amazing.  Our comparison chart shows that the Project Morpheus headset is one of the top-performing virtual reality headset.

The Project Morpheus has a much cooler and futuristic design than some other headsets such as the Oculus Rift Crescent Bay prototype.  It’s primarily made of dark matte plastic, has smooth edges and is finished with a slick stip of light that runs across it’s front like something out of Tron. Two supporting straps keep it on your head and the front-end screen curves around your face. 

The Project Morpheus headset fits well and is fairly easy to put on.  It’s a comfortable fit and getting it on isn’t too difficult. Two supporting straps keep it on your head and the front-end screen curves around your face. If you wear glasses, you’ll find this model of Project Morpheus easier to adjust than the Oculus Rift.

There are no gaps between the headset and your face, which helps keep out the outside world and keep you firmly in the experience.  There is a small downside, which is that it can fog up sometimes.

Project Morpheus: Tracking

Project Morpheus has internal tracking technology around the entire helmet, so that the device can fully be tracked.   Internal tracking includes both a gyroscope and accelerometer. Sony claims that this 360-degree tracking will provide you with a much more immersive experience.  

And it’s not just the headset that does the tracking. Sony executives say the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 was designed with a sleek lightbar to serve as a positional tracking tool for Project Morpheus.  So, now holding a controller in your real hand can be accurately replicated within the virtual reality experience!  

This combination of internal tracking and positional tracking blows the door open in terms of richness of tracking data and, in turn, the ability to complete a responsive and  completely immersive game.

Project Morpheus: Audio

Sony is reported to be working on layering 3D binaural beats to the Project Morpheus headphone. Binaural beats are a unique technology in which you physically hear a different sound wave in each ear. Not only do you hear those two brainwaves, but your brain creates a third sound in between the two that come from your Project Morpheus headset – it is not physically heard. Pretty cool, huh?

Project Morpheus: Display

Project Morpheus gives you a healthy 1080p resolution.  The 90 degree field of view you get with Project Morpheus isn’t as broad as 110-degree field of vision you get with Oculus Rift. 

Higher refresh rates are important for VR games, since they reduce eye strain. Possibly because Project Morpheus delivers a 60Hz refresh rate, some viewers have experienced a little motion blur with this headset. Sony is  working on this blur issue.

Project Morpheus: Weight

The Project Morpheus is cleverly designed to not only look sleek and futuristic, but to also nicely distribute the weight from your VR headset. Instead of putting all of the weight in the goggles portion of the VR headset, Project Morpheus is designed to have some of it nested in the crown just above the goggles.  This helps take some of the weight off of your nose and cheek area

Project Morpheus: Price

TBD – it’s not for sale yet, but some estimate it will cost $350


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